Adult Bible Study

Great Figures of the New Testament
This Sunday morning course (9am) takes a closer look at specific characters of the New Testament – who they are, what they do, and how they have been assessed across the centuries by historians and artists, theologians at their desks, and worshipers in the pews.  The figures encountered encompass the range of great figures from the early church:  there are shepherds and kings, friends and enemies, evangelists and martyrs, a prodigal son and a Good Samaritan.  Join us for coffee and discussion.
foundations101 is an 8 week course intended to provide a big picture introduction to the Christian faith.   This course acts as the foundation (hence the clever name) of the life and ministry of First Presbyterian Church – what we believe and why it matters.  Therefore, anyone from the agnostic who isn’t sure about Jesus to the long-time believer is invited to participate.  And anyone considering First Pres. as their home church is strongly encouraged to attend.  The first 4 weeks will trace through the grand narrative of God’s story and ask what this story has to do with how we live life at work, home, and play in Grays Harbor in the twenty-first century.  The next 4 weeks will look in more detail at the center of God’s story – the good news of Jesus of Nazareth.  The course is intended to be taken in conjunction with foundations102.  
foundations102 is an 8 week course intended to look at how the foundations of our faith (foundations101) shape and influence all of life.  We believe the good news of Jesus promises to renew every aspect of our individual lives, our church, and the community of Grays Harbor.  Where foundations101 focuses on the essence of the gospel – what God has done for us – foundations102 focuses on the implications of the gospel – what life in Christ looks like.  Salvation in the Bible is not a one time event solely concerned about what happens to us when we die, nor is it trying harder to muster up enough will power to do good things.  Salvation is being freed and enabled to live life as God created us to live.  foundations102 will explore how God forms that life in our lives.